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YAYYYY! is this the new version?! i didnt know it was being directed to katbox. i was wondering why the website wasnt working anymore…

The death of the old site was somewhat unexpected, but what happened was that we were basically living in the back of another website run by Kuurion’s friends, who graciously allowed us to stay there for three years. We were still working out the details of our move here (and being cagey about it, since we didn’t want to announce it before it was a sure thing) when it died, and unfortunately there was no good way to round up everyone and tell them where we’d gone. If you know any other OW readers, do please let them know.

Hey, just joined in on this comic now. I used to read it back on the old site, but the long hiatus derailed my train of thought for this comic until I saw it on the katbox home. say, is this restart doing the story over from scratch, like Nixieseal did with Anthronauts? if it is, it’s cool, I’m just curious.

we’re not really starting over from scratch, we’re remaking the opening chapter. We can tell am uch better introduction than we had before. We have a lot of material in the middle that we feel is still acceptable, so once chapter 1 is redone we’re going to start creating new new pages again.

But a warrior on her own doesnt deal enough damage

Poor kibbles… She could join my team Any day as well, specially if I saw her get that sad. I’m a softie unfortunately XD

Kibbles has appeared in two pages, has a character flaw, has been talked to by the main character, and isn’t a villain. Welcome to the party, Kibbles!

1. What classes are available?
2. Kibbles can be in my group too… as a double agent πŸ˜‰
3. Koodos on the art so far! Keep it up

i have played a ton of MMO’s and i alwase pick a class that can solo because there is nothing worse than trying to look for a group, for hours on end. over the years i kind of lost interest in MMO’s they other ruin them with updates, i loose interest in them, or the community dies out. regardless of that your art looks good and we shall see how story goes from here, so far it seems like it might be promising.