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10 – That Should Do It.

10 – That Should Do It. published on 16 Comments on 10 – That Should Do It.

Sammy gets back to normal (almost), but even she’s not one to pass up a free “enhancement”.

Of course, Eddie’s more honest about what is going on (Lydia would have been too, but she was distracted by the phone XD).

The center panel was originally drawn fully zoomed out, so we could see Sammy and Eddie as full body shots. I got the feeling that the impact might be better if all we could see was her face. Although the full body shot was indeed nicer looking, I realized the close-up added more to the narrative.

Besides, we get full shots at Sammy in three other panels, so it worked out well I think

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Sweet! Great to see these characters again! And Tina, I know exactly how you feel. I used to have one of those alarm clocks with the bells and ringer on the top. I DESPISED that thing. Would quite happily have taken a sledgehammer to it if not for the fact that I knew I needed we it to get up in the morning.