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damn it hate this so much when i was playing warcraft, the one DOING THE lfg was warrior was trying to get healers when i switched over to my healer. the warrior friend who was healer made sure that no other healers could join due warrior and healer wanted all the good loot

Wow, coming in early on a comic, thats something im not used to…
The art is amazing, and looks like this is going to be a fun comic ^^ Cant wait for more!

I suggest starting out building up the story and allowing the quality of art to flow into the comic with time. A lot of my favorite webcomics started out this way. Also vrmmo are an awesome subject to write about and can be taken down many pathways, each with their own unique perfectibility. Just don’t be preoccupied with quality. Story takes first priority. Also, if you (author or readers) want to read another vrmmo webcomic that is more than likely going down a completely different path, i would suggest mystic revolution.

Healers only? You would get a lot more damage as of having 2 warriors or a warrior and what ever he is as a class… And against a king slime it only depends on how much health he has exactly to be able to kill him easy… This guy is weak…

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