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Gonna hazard a guess and say that she’ll need to use the iMew to improve her catness to beat Lori :3

is it SEVERELY needed to say i just wanna walk STRAIGHT up to lori and beat the living crap outta her with the rifle butt of that of an american XM22? [Stoner63. its nickname was XM22 because it stood for experimental. just shortened down to XM] me and my annoying/useless gun facts. XD! you’ll never see the end of me nekonny.

…Why do I suddely get the impression is cheating too? Odds she has an iMew on the sly? Wouldn’t put it past her… ¬_¬

And then she uses the imew to beat lori, turning herself completely into a cat and not even having a human mind. When she wins she’s gonna wag her tail, people will grab at it, she’ll yelp, and people will pull on it some more knowing that it’s real.

not sure how safe for work this is going to be, but this could go one of several ways.

either these 2, or more unsavory characters do unsightly things to her, or she gets caught in some terrible white slavery ring, or… things end up going fine and everything is totally consenual.

either way i’m anxious to see what happens next.

Run jasmine hes a smooth talking foney! Take your cute self some place safe!

Hey, there was always that giraffe girl back at the actual airport that was looking for Jasmine! Maybe she can find a way back there?

Of course, knowing how comics like this go, I’m sure that’s the last we’ll see of the giraffe girl for the foreseeable future.

Yea jasmine probably wont see giraffe girl again unless shes a actual friend picking her up. She had a sign so she was expecting her and jasmine should have been looking for her. Instead jasmine was not paying attention and sticking her boobs ware they dont belong. Now its stranger danger time!