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30 – Another One Rides the Bus

30 – Another One Rides the Bus published on 38 Comments on 30 – Another One Rides the Bus

One more update for you guys before I head off on my trip! iMew will be back in April after I fly over to Asia and see if I can find an actual iMew unit! Attack the problem at it’s source I say!

Just a reminder so it doesn’t seem like I’m leaving you in limbo! I konw how much you all like your updates ^^”

It was tough getting it to look like Sammy was hitting glass, hopefully I didn’t overdo it. The bus in the first panel was also another tough thing to make look like a bus. Good thing  signs can provide a better textual explanation than images in a case like this 😛

See you guys later!


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I noe can has cheezeburger!

The sitcom ending here would be that the ferret messing with it changes her entirely back to normal.

Ahhhh, flying, angery kitty, run for ye life!!! 0_o

no.., more like get in the way!

.-. i think she activated rape face

How about the ability to lose all traits including walking erect (not your memory and decision making, of course) but it being entirely under your control? So, you know, shape-shifting. I don’t know, I think the other option would be kind of lonely if you were the only anthro. :/