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31 – Like Candy From a Baby

31 – Like Candy From a Baby published on 34 Comments on 31 – Like Candy From a Baby

Annnddd… we’re back!

Sorry for the delay! From now til the end of the comic there will be no more delays as long as we have pages lined up!

Speaking of which, I really need to update that donation counter; we actually only have 1 page remaining in the queue ^_^’

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this can only go bad xD i think the majority can guess of a likely outcome to browsing this certain phone

Uh oh… not good… lol

Wait… Wasn’t the phone dead?

Wait a minute… earlier, when Lydia tried to fix it, her changes affected Sammy. So if Lori starts messing with buttons, it should still affect Sammy. Maybe you have to be holding the phone when it powers on or something.