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Curran looks innocent my tail.. more like “she stole my shiney!”

Legal Thesis, is that some sort of legilised drug?

essentially… that is about tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars down the drains depending on the number of years spent in school. so yeah even i will say, sammy go f@$k yourself, then jump into a volcano and go to hell.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars down the drain? Mate, you do understand that your accumulated knowledge is not “unlearned” should your thesis be destroyed, yes?
It’s been quite a few decades since handwritten thesis’s were accepted by professors, particularly in the field of law.

You know both deserve it so badly

What one deserves and one NEEDS are rarely if ever the same thing. Jerks -deserve- to have misery heaped upon them to make those they hurt and those who care about those they hurt feel better. What jerks -need- is someone to identify the SOURCE of their jerk attitude and address it in a non-condecending and non-antagionistic manner.

Which, from my experience, would tend to make them yet more of a jerk. People who act like this tend to believe they’re ‘Right’ pretty much most of the time, and greatly enjoy being so. Telling them they’re not only wrong but a pretentious ass-hat also, tends to really piss on the hornets’ nest. Such people are best left to their own devices; abandonment by their peers will fix their delusions-of-superiority, given time

She should have saved a copy of it, hell I have back ups of my back ups!

wtf? 17$ to print a 54-pages book and 55$ to finish the current page?
I’m not really a businessman though, it might make sense for somebody else.

You don’t need to be a businessman. You see, they invented this wonderful machine that makes copies of things in seconds and for cheap. Its called a printing press. However, those “things” machines copy take hours and hours to manually create in the first place.

When they invent a machine that can create those things from scratch, then you might see that lager number drop. Chances are you wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway, since by then you won’t have a job; it will be taken up by a variant of the very same machine that replaced the artist.

It still doesn’t make much sense. If I was a customer, I’d think that paying 17 bucks for one of these books would be an awesome deal, while paying 55 bucks for a single page would be not at all (why would I need to pay the pages twice anyway?).. I mean, it would make more sense to me if you were to finish 10 pages in a row to publish them as a 30-bucks chapter, like the actual comic makers do.

Well actually, NO OFFENCE but I wouldn’t ask people 55 bucks for a “Lackadaisy” page, let alone a (relatively) small and uncolored page. But still, no expert, maybe I’m not the best for judging xD

I’ve to agree that it doesn’t seem like much sense were it not for the fact that one person isn’t expected to pay the full $55 for the single page, but rather it’s crowd sourced from multiple people, say 55 peeps contributing $1 each. And then everyone who didn’t pay up still gets to see it anyway.
The only thing I find weird is that the free comic seems to get more attention paid to it (colour, better backgrounds, slightly more consistant character design) than the one people pay for.

I started iMew because I thought it was a more effective way to bring in revenue than simply asking for donations and offering nothing in return.

As a comic I do on a the side, consider it as commission based story. So instead of me drawing a pinup for 65-75 for a single person, I do a full black and white comic for 55 that everyone can enjoy.

In that regard It’s pretty much a crowdfunded comic, no single individual needs to pay for an entire page by themselves. The printed version is for those that would like to have a physical copy of the comic but is in no way mandatory.

Also important to note that there is only 8 pages left in this story, so it’s not as if I intend to “milk it” indefinitely. All the funds I receive from iMew get directly reinvested in my artwork (tablets and newer equipment). if the paid format is so unpopular I’ll just not make any more stories like this, go back to commission work and then I guess we can all be happy.

In other words, iMew helps out CB, it helps my artwork overall and is a general thank you to those of you who support my work.

I do not believe that the method of this is wrong. and in general I love the idea. however there are a few things that I’d like to see in the future if there’s another something like this ^^.
when a page has been paid for everyone will wonder when the next page will be placed. I’d reccomend to say, when it is paid for the next page will update on monday. so if 3 pages are paid for for example then it’d take 3 weeks for these to be published. and then money comes in on tuesday they’ll just need to wait untill mondays again :p

the above is merely a suggestion. just trying to help ^^

also it was rather unclear how many pages were owed. after a while I understuud from the comments however but… you get what I mean ^^

also, I’d like to note that I love these series and I’d love to read more ^^
I compliment you on the courage to try out a new method. it is very much liked by some. and ofcourse there are people who will think it is too expensive… (airheads) I dont think there are any problems. people just want to know what they will get ^^

Ok, So I’ve used this Paid to Update Business Model before, sadly it didn’t pan out for long. The Paid to Update Business Model is always unpopular with many, because some just can’t spend money they don’t have. I do however see your point of view, in the fact you use it to upgrade your equipment, and it supports your other comic CB. I know the comic hasn’t been updated in almost 2 months now, and the donation phone was stuck at $17.00 before it vanished. If it were me, I’d just trash the current model and stick a few well placed ads on the site. Because you have fans of this comic, and CB, I’m sure they would be willing to disable whatever ad blocking add-on they have installed, if they do. That’s what I ended up doing, and it worked! Thanks for iMew! :3

That could be true. Who knows, the comic could have been broken on purpose so there wouldn’t be any more updates. Thats would be a reason why nekonny isn’t trying to fix it, or even comment on the problem, though very unlikely.

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