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If she had worn THAT during the contest, she’d have won for sure.

You mean if she had ripped that costume right off the MC/judge for the contest, who was wearing that costume at the time, and put it on herself there on the spot, that she would have been awarded first prize? Now that’s what I call being competitive! But I don’t think it would have left a good impression on the judge.

Think it’s safe to say that Lori’s brain has somewhat malfunctioned, there…Trippy. ๐Ÿ˜›

Also, slightly off-topic, but does anyone else ever have trouble signing in to comment with Disqus here? Not sure if I’m doing it wrong or something, but this site never *ever* seems to recognise that I’ve logged in first-time…or fifth…

nice to know that sammy’s friend found something to cover herself with, but it looks like it doesn’t cover enough. does she have short shorts to go with that small hoodie, or is she feeling a draft?

only in the worst of places, ;), the problem is that it’s too short to even try and cover both ends…Love it.

well this side comic is going to an end so what’s your next comic nekonny?

Nekonny is such a tease ;o 5 day wait for the final page =(

Unless Nekonny had to make some adjustments like with page 48 (which also took long)

Nekonny’s reply on twitter:
“I’m actually working on it, didn’t like the first draft and started over. Should be worth it!”

it’s not because it’s jsut black-n-white, but I get the feeling iMew is drawn in a more classic manga style than carribean blue. is this intentional?