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I love the new clothes and claire’s clothes with the gun fits her, makes me love her more. So a mage, gunslinger, berserk/warrior that’s all the classes right?

Farron could be considered a ‘thief’ class, Kylar is a ranger/archer and well Mason.. that’s yet to be decided but that will be important to the story later 😉

I always wondered about classes. Being a lover of the sneakers, I normally pick being a rogue myself as they use duel weapons, can find hidden objects and are quite useful in a team. They also rock since they are good at pickpocketing and stealing. However, I always thought that it would be cool if a rogue learned other tricks, like a good healing spell or teleportation. Think of it.. as everyone fights, they sneak in the shadows and take out people who wonder off or go straight around to get the leader. When that happens, an archer hits a mage. Poof, the jack-of-all-trades pops back and heals the mage so the mage can heal everyone else. Then he continues his reduction technique…

I love Claire’s new look. Medieval-ish with a hint of futuristic.
Her character profile said that she’s an engineer. In the near future, she’ll be required to fight. With her expertise, she could be like a huntard (pet class). Like tossing down steam-powered traps, turrets and robots to fight for her. That would be so cool. I’m guessing she can make all those gadgets down the road. She is, as she herself stated, a genius, after all.

Yeah, i do like the new clothes, whenever I am trying to come up with a look for new characters clothes is always my biggest stumbling point, probably because I have absolutely no fashion sense in my normal life so how am I supposed to come up with something for someone else to wear.

Hmm… I wonder if Claire’s making that up. Cause it sounds like a nerd ‘ way if throwing an insult

she must be taking lessons from Sheldon Cooper

And Claire just got a case of “Big Ego Syndrome” symptoms are: using a fancy vocabulary, walking with eyes closed followed by a major face plant.

I dont understand how do people trip? i havent tripped since i was born