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Addictive iMew 16

Addictive iMew 16 published on 35 Comments on Addictive iMew 16

Yes Sammy, what could possibly go wrong?

I’ll like to thank Cervelet, for inviting me to participate in this crossover comic series. It was really fun to do, and got me excited to continue work on iMew. I’m still hoping for a full scale sequel to come out someday, and I’ll have to start planning for that.

In the meantime, if you enjoy fun webcomics with a TF theme, check out “Addictive Science”. Cervelet does a wonderful job on it, and has a host of great characters and mini story arcs that are well worth it!


Miles, I rename you pedocat. Although he’s probably actually not much older himself. But seriously, he doesn’t even get the concept of gift giving. Everything has to ultimately be for his benefit. Is he a walking cliche at this point or what. You know what I think? I think right now would be a great time for this story to turn into a gender bender. I think it’s an overused and tiresome premise normally, but I think it would be perfect in this case. And then female Miles needs to meet a male just like male Miles who tries to get into her pants in absolutely disgusting ways, and she’ll be like “is THIS what I put them through?”

Maybe that’s what Sesame saw in her dream? Her home being destroyed and her father dying?

perhaps….the more I think about it, Sesame as a character is a lot like some of the main protagonists of the following Studio Ghibli films as far as backstories seem to go:

– Tales from Earthsea

– Nausicaa: In The Valley of the Wind

– Princess Mononoke

Interesting… What sort of artifact we talking ’bout here? We talkin’ ’bout W.O.M.D. sort of artifact of somethin’ like “feed the hungry and do lotz of good thinz” artifact?

Currently getting a d!ck-ish vibe from King Alder. To be that old and frail and have a 21-year old son… T’is good to be the king, isn’t it?

I wonder if he’s insane?

He’s meant to be in his 50s or so, just very sick. Drayven is his eldest child though – so yes he had a younger wife, nothing less for a king!